Helping clients preserve and protect their reputations using honesty and openness

Strategic Counsel

Along with helping organizations to navigate a particular high-risk situation or achieve an upcoming high-stakes objective, CCA also provides highly valued ongoing strategic guidance. We counsel and guide leaders in aligning organizational culture and operations with the principles of honesty and openness, and we provide the skills, tools, and ongoing guidance needed to help them live by these values even in the most challenging situations.

Drawing on years of experience and utilizing well-honed synthesis skills, CCA consultants provide on-target strategic counsel for both short- and long-term goals. CEOs and leadership teams call on CCA to help them navigate some of their company’s darkest hours and manage potentially devastating controversies.

Our counsel is more than “what to say and how to say it.” We step into the trenches to become an integral part of your team, and deliver guidance that considers the relevant factors, including your company’s future business plans, the complexities of the current environment, stakeholders’ perspectives, regulatory climate, company operations, troublesome facts, and any other pertinent issues. Our counsel is based on protecting, enhancing, or turning around reputations – both externally and internally.

CCA also provides reputation management consulting for executives and other prominent individuals. We help you identify the negative factors – fair or not – weighing on your reputation, and develop a strategy for rebuilding personal credibility through a series of deliberate actions and interactions that address these negative impressions.

Whether it’s a desperate phone call seeking advice on whether to speak to the investigative reporter outside the door, or five years of guidance to turn around a despoiled reputation, CCA’s strategic counsel is always solid and thoughtful, drawing on lessons learned from more than 40 years of experience.

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