At CCA, we focus on the services that deliver the greatest strategic impact at every phase of a crisis or critical event. We are specialists who learn everything there is to know about your most difficult communication challenges, help you develop a strategy to address those challenges, and then give you the tools to you need put that strategy into action. Through this process, we give you the ability – both immediately and in the future – to accomplish high-stakes objectives and protect your reputation and credibility in high-risk situations.

Our services fall into the three basic categories of Strategy, Preparation, and Coaching. Depending on your specific needs, we often combine services from one or more of these categories. We might provide strategic guidance and counsel on aligning your corporate culture with the principles of honesty and openness, for example, and then conduct preparation labs that give executives the tools they need to apply these principles to real-world situations.


In addition to incorporating a highly strategic mindset into everything we do, we also provide services specifically aimed at identifying and addressing your short- and long-term strategic needs. Whether it’s a response to a desperate phone call seeking advice on whether to speak to the investigative reporter outside the door, or five years of guidance to turn around a despoiled reputation, our strategic counsel is always solid and thoughtful, drawing on lessons learned from our 40-year legacy.

Our strategic services include:


Our preparation labs are renowned for their ability to instill skills that executives, witnesses, and key individuals can use to deliver compelling, straightforward, and honest messages in high-risk or high-stakes situations, as well as in everyday communication. CCA consultants use extensive client-specific research, hands-on instructional techniques, and proprietary communication models to give our clients the ability to protect and enhance their credibility in any situation.

Our highly tailored preparation lab offerings include:


Either alone or as part of a broader engagement, we provide highly focused leadership coaching that helps senior leaders make the jump from managing and doing to truly leading. Our totally customized approach – which is applicable to leaders in any industry or organization – gives participants the tools to communicate effectively with internal and external audiences, and move their organizations forward with persuasive and inspiring actions and interactions.

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