Oral Proposal Preparation

CCA’s oral proposal preparation services give our clients a winning edge in the RFP process.

We work with corporations to improve the substance and form of their oral presentations and answers to evaluation board questions, while also ensuring full compliance with the RFP. Our orals development process forecasts and addresses all of the potential questions clients may face in orals. The goal is always to eliminate surprises.

We begin every engagement with an intensive research effort that enables us to understand the competition, the client’s strategy, the team and company’s strengths and weaknesses, potential evaluation board issues, and the RFP itself before beginning the development process.

We then typically conduct a series of multi-day sessions focusing solely on the client’s strategy, proposal, evaluation board issues, and team. Highlights of these sessions include:

  • An early strategy meeting, before preparation of visuals or written materials
  • Acting as a sounding board to enhance strategic ideas
  • Strengthening the content and impact of oral presentations
  • Developing one-page CCA issue cards to address concerns
  • Conducting CCA’s question and answer system
  • Coaching on delivery style and Q&A
  • Overseeing several iterations of mock orals assisted by a “red team”
  • Providing additional private coaching as required

Since 1983, our consultants have prepared teams for oral interviews sponsored by US DOE, DOD, NASA, state environmental agencies, and industry. Our step-by-step process has paid off big for our clients, who have won complex procurements totaling more than $30 billion.

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