Event-Driven Preparation

When an event that could forever impact your company looms on the horizon – whether it is Congressional testimony, a contentious stockholders meeting, or a high-level regulatory briefing – CCA can make sure you’re ready for the challenge.

We begin with the knowledge that there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Our advice is not given without seeking to understand the unique nature of the situation. We delve into the issues from many sides, including technical, political, legal, business operations and plans, and reputation. We then work with you to quickly explore various scenarios.

Whether it’s one executive or a small group of key personnel who will be delivering bad news or answering tough questions, we focus on preparing your team for the worst-case and most-likely scenarios, while working for the most desirable outcome. Preparation activities might include work on message construction and issue resolution, preparing to answer tough questions under fire, individualized coaching, mock events, and strategic counsel.

Our intense event-preparation process, which is infused with strategic thinking and highly tailored to your particular situation, includes:

  • On-site issues-research interviews
  • CCA’s time-proven Q&A System
  • Positions formulated using CCA issue cards
  • Development of briefing/presentation content
  • “Hands-on” coaching (issues, argumentation, briefings/presentations)
  • Event simulations and drills

By using in-depth research interviews to develop a thorough knowledge of your issues, the volatile climate you face, what’s behind the questions, and your company’s future, we are able to create no-spin approaches that you can use to protect and enhance your credibility throughout the critical event.

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