Stakeholder Communication Labs

Effective stakeholder communication is critical to the success of virtually every business or initiative. Stakeholders can help a project succeed, or encourage its demise, and clear, honest communication is often the deciding factor in which role they decide to play.

Communication with stakeholders can cement positive relationships or destroy them, and interactions with stakeholders can quickly turn hostile if you aren’t equipped with the tools and skills to properly manage those relationships.

We use extensive research to tailor the content and emphasis of our stakeholder communication labs to the unique needs of your organization and the concerns of your stakeholder community.

In these labs, we help you develop the tools and skills needed to:

  • Present strong and defensible positions on key issues
  • Establish trust and credibility through honest, transparent communication
  • Think from the stakeholder’s perspective
  • Reconcile the needs of different stakeholders
  • Maintain consistent messages using clear internal communication
  • Successfully propose change to stakeholders using issue testing, powerful visuals, and a change-oriented briefing formula
  • Use a consultative approach to build strong and open working relationship with regulators, community leaders, oversight groups, and industry organizations

The skills developed in these sessions can be utilized in a broad range of stakeholder communication environments, from media interviews and public hearings to workshops and facility tours. In addition to tailoring our labs to the issues of concern to your stakeholders, we can also customize the content to reflect the most likely communication environments, and can conduct realistic “live ammo” simulations covering these situations.

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