Managing Controversial Issues

CCA consultants regularly equip client teams to handle issues that, if not addressed properly, could erode an organization’s reputation.

We begin our work on these “clear and present danger” issues in a highly strategic fashion. We explore stakeholder’s viewpoints and tactics, identify priority stakeholders to consider as the events unfold, and examine relevant public perceptions and technological issues. We combine these activities with extensive on-site research to uncover the issues that would not play well in tomorrow’s news – especially when that news hits the inbox, browser, or desk of a regulator or legislator.

Utilizing the understanding developed during this thorough and intense phase of strategic research, we then conduct issue-oriented communication labs consisting of some or all of the following activities, tailored specifically to the needs of your particular situation:

  • Establish core skills for managing/communicating controversy
  • Identify top priority issues to be addressed
  • Develop defendable high ground for each issue
  • Prepare one-page CCA issue cards for each issue
  • Provide on-camera coaching for briefings, handling hostility, and Q&A
  • Create challenging simulations of forthcoming events

CCA’s controversial-issue management services help clients win acceptance for controversial projects and manage sensitive issues with a level of integrity that preserves their long-term credibility.

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