INPO Preparation

CCA helps nuclear plant operators prepare for their highly demanding – and high-stakes – interactions with the Institute of Nuclear Plant Operations (INPO).

INPO board meetings are known for their rigorous, structured environment, and for the potentially devastating consequences for a poor performer. Because of the industry’s need for safe and secure operations, the board members rightfully demand clear, straightforward answers, backed up by facts and data, and delivered with no spin.

Our INPO preparation process helps you operate effectively in this challenging environment by giving you the tools and skills you need to answer every question concisely and fully, in a truthful, no-nonsense fashion.

We begin our involvement by performing thorough research on your plant’s unique situation. We look at the plant’s history and previous corrective actions, and learn everything we can about the plant’s culture.

Next we work with your team to give them a Q&A framework that will allow them to structure the response to every question in a manner that reflects the highly direct style preferred by the INPO board. This is not a set of scripted or “canned” answers. It is an easy-to-apply system for formulating direct and honest answers to tough questions, and for including solid proof for each claim within those answers.

We also work on the important issue of teamwork between the seven members of the plant’s team. We help the team members develop strategies for complementing on each other’s answers and handing questions off to other team members when appropriate.

With the Q&A framework and teamwork strategy in place, we use the knowledge developed during our initial research activities to conduct drills and practice sessions to prepare the plant’s team for the board meeting. The real-life environment of these exercises and our “live ammo” questions help prepare the team for the unique, high-pressure environment of the actual meeting.

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