Lorna Greenlee

Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by bronsonma

Lorna Greenlee has been an integral part of the CCA team for more than 30 years building and managing the financial and operational aspects of the company. She guides staff development by identifying needed skills, delegating tasks, and motivating project staff to provide outstanding client service.

As the heart of CCA’s strategic operations and infrastructure, Ms. Greenlee keeps the organization running smoothly, and has implemented numerous process improvements at the firm. She has also compiled an impressive track record of high-integrity relationships and appreciative clients, thanks to a strong instinct for clients’ needs and the ability to continually “think ahead” for them.

Ms. Greenlee has the ability to move quickly into problem-solving mode whenever challenges or concerns arise, using her whatever-it-takes approach – along with an extensive background in administration, project management, and finance – to proactively identify and help solve clients’ needs.

Ms. Greenlee’s day-to-day work with clients also includes

  • scheduling,
  • coordinating consulting teams,
  • lab logistics, and
  • overseeing contractual and financial issues.

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