We are passionate about lifting clients to a higher plane by turning their approach from stonewalling and damage control to “doing the right thing” in tough times.


We do this by stepping into the trenches and becoming part of your team. CCA consultants learn your issues and develop specific solutions that fit your unique needs, environment, and reputational challenges.

A key element to our approach is the understanding that while we can help you deliver a message with openness and conviction, we can’t deliver it for you. We believe that critical messages must come from within an organization, rather than from an outside spokesperson or agency.

That’s why we focus on providing strategic guidance, and then giving you the tools you need to confidently deliver critical messages yourself. We don’t create detailed public relations plans, write news releases, produce position papers, or arrange news conferences. Instead, we help you make lasting changes to the way you approach tough issues, communicate under fire, and incorporate ethical considerations into the decision-making process.

Our goal is always to make our philosophy of “tell the truth, even if it hurts; be helpful under fire; and stand your ground where it matters” part of your organizational DNA. This change in corporate culture, along with the communication tools and techniques we pass along to executives, will cover most of the challenges you face on a weekly basis.

Of course, when things get complicated, or the stakes get higher, we are always available to update a strategy, provide additional preparation, or just reaffirm the importance of adhering to the fundamental principles of honest, open communication. And in particularly challenging situations, we can be a steady hand, offering strategic guidance to help you through the fire.

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