Jennifer Sutherland

Posted on: January 6th, 2023 by admin

Jennifer Sutherland has diverse experience in regulatory industries, health care, project management, Lean Six Sigma, corporate teaching and communication. Her corporate coaching experience brings insights into how people learn and the best ways to help build teams within organizations. This skill makes her a valuable member of the CCA team in all our high-risk communication sessions.

She has worked in management and strategic planning both domestically and internationally. While working in the regulatory industry she managed rate case preparation and filings. She worked with witnesses helping to prepare and review testimony to ensure clarity and strategic positions.

Ms. Sutherland holds an MBA and a BA in Finance from California State University. She has a Black Belt in Six Sigma and a Project Management Professional certification. Her experience in Six Sigma brings value when cross-examining witnesses by utilizing the 5 Why’s strategy to get to the root cause or issue.

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