Nancie Poppema

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by admin

As President and CEO of CCA, Nancie Poppema leads an elite team of communication experts that prepare and guide organizations to address high-risk controversy and pursue high-stakes opportunities.

In addition to leading the CCA team, Ms. Poppema is the firm’s chief strategist. In this capacity, she uses her deep knowledge of issues and her industry-specific expertise to effectively prepare executives and technical leaders for high-risk, high-stakes situations, including congressional investigations, media interviews, public meetings, contract “orals,” FDA drug approvals, and all types of civil litigation. She regularly works with corporate and institutional clients in crisis management situations, as well as providing long-term strategic guidance and communication-based leadership coaching.

Ms. Poppema is passionate about lifting clients to a higher plane by turning their approach from stonewalling and damage control to “doing the right thing” in tough times. She gives leaders the power to keep their destiny in their own hands using a simple philosophy: Tell the truth, even if it hurts; be helpful under fire; and stand your ground where it matters. This passion and philosophical approach make a permanent impact on her clients’ continued success in high-risk, high-stakes situations.

Ms. Poppema has worked with some of the world’s largest and most successful multi-national corporations, as well as key U.S. government agencies. She specializes in high-stakes, highly technical industries that face demanding government regulations and approval processes, complex scientific data, formidable legal issues, and potentially devastating credibility or reputation pitfalls. She has an extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals, energy, oil and gas, pipelines, chemicals, defense, and nuclear power, and is continually extending this expertise into new industries that face similarly daunting challenges.

Prior to joining CCA in 1986, Ms. Poppema worked for 14 years as an executive speech coach, speechwriter, and issues specialist for technology-oriented firms. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Rhetorical Strategy and Debate from Ball State University, and a master’s degree in Oral Communication from Arizona State University.

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